We specialise in the manufacturing of electrical spareparts and machine parts with our latest CNC Auto Lathe and CAD/CAM machines.

Component Parts for Automotive Industry

Component for Electrical & Electronic Industry

Component Parts for Electric Power Tools

Fine Component Parts for Hard Disk Drive Industry (Aluminium Base)

At present, Ho Yow’s innovative machinery is CNC Auto Lathe machine with the capability to mass produce products of diameters ranging from 1mm to 120mm with precision accuracy up to 0.01mm.

On top of that, we have a team of more than 60 highly trained and experienced management team, quality control inspectors, skilled technicians and workers to offer the best products and services. Ho Yow is now being managed by a team of dedicated and committed personnel. It has always been our policy to forge a long term business relationship with the suppliers and customers to growth and new opportunities.